Welcome to Fitsum Birhan Specialized Eye Center!

At Fitsum Birhan Specialized Eye Center, all eye care services from diagnostic, optometry, optical, out- patient and eye surgery are available under one roof. Various specialties include Cataract and Cornea, Retina, Pediatric Ophthalmology, Glaucoma and Oculoplasty. Eye specialists at Fitsum Birhan Specialized Eye Center are trained from the best eye Institutes in Ethiopian and abroad and offer eye care with the latest diagnostic and surgical technology. Our team ensures that comfort, excellent clinical care and safety are the highlights of your Fitsum Birhan Specialized Eye Center experience!


We Provide Comprehensive eye exams for all ages and abilities.


Our Cataract Operation theatres are very advanced and have all the safety and infection control measures in place.


We believe strongly in giving back to the community and caring for the eyes of all those in need.


Our computerized record System(IHMS) has helped us improve quality and safety, reduce duplication and eliminate unnecessary delays.


Our pharmacy supplies Medicines  for both our in-patients and out-patients.


Our optical shop has an experienced staff who can determine what’s best for your prescription, the physical attributes of your face and your lifestyle.